Was Rolling Stone as Stoned as the Terrorist it Portrayed?

In the August 1, 2013 edition of Rolling Stone magazine not only is Islamic terrorist and Boston bomber Dzhokar “Jahar” Tsarnaev featured in an article written by Janet Reitman, his mug appears on the front cover for all to adore.

The headline reads, “The Bomber: How a Popular, Promising Student Was Failed by His Family, Fell Into Radical Islam and Became a Monster.”  Isn’t that special?

For those who might have been doing something more interesting than watching the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013—like maybe watching the grass grow—this “charming, “sweet,” radical, pothead of a kid, decided to set off a couple of pressure cooker bombs, along with his older brother (Tamerlan), filled with only the finest of blast material designed to maim, murder, and destroy innocent people and runners who were interested in watching and participating in the Boston Marathon.

“F**k America” were his final words of confession after being captured while hiding under the cover a dry-docked boat in a Cambridge suburb.

After reading through the full-text by Reitman, one has to wonder if she and Rolling Stone were not sharing in the same sentiment when they decided to publish this article with little Pookie Tsarnaev on the front cover.  F-America!

Because the article is written in a way, much like that recently being reported on the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case, where the perpetrator of rot is viewed as really nothing more than an innocent bystander.

Upfront the Editors want the readers to understand the “complexities” of why this poor, abandoned, moral, nonchalant murderer involved himself in such a tragedy.

The problem, though, is that after spending page-after-page recreating his upbringing as part of a family of Chechen defectors and blaming his brother, his parents, and those in Cambridge who, for whatever reason, did not detect the “red flags” leading up to his terroristic act, the reader is left wondering just what happened.

Why did he do what he did?

In fact the article concludes with Jahar crying, but no one knows why.  Are we supposed to sympathize with him?

The article mentions that Pookie was Muslim, although at first only casually, and then later when his brother and mother supposedly started taking their religion a bit more seriously, then so did Pookie.

But, given his Chechen background, and the long history of Chechen rebels fighting against the Russian government for years, which is nothing more than Muslims fighting against the infidels, one gets the impression that Reitman and Rolling Stoned were, once again, downplaying the real reason for Pookie’s actions than actually addressing them.

It is as if another left-leaning publication would rather cater to the Islamic terrorists, out of fear, rather than fully expose them.

Worse yet, the catering is done with the ulterior motive of capitalizing financially on the murder and the mayhem, with the added purpose of duping those of the same age as Pookie into believing there was something honorable, not “monstrous,” about him.

Reitman reports that “Jahar has a growing and surprisingly brazen fan club…and tens of thousands of new Twitter followers, despite the fact that he hasn’t tweeted since before his arrest.”

Given that she and the stoned magazine editors have now glorified him under the guise of wanting to understand, he will probably garner a few more fans and followers.  But, at what cost to them and the rest of America?

Several business chains have refused to carry the upcoming edition of Rolling Stone magazine, at least demonstrating that a few have the common decency to respect the deceased and the maimed, if not the sensibility that they know what was behind the Boston bombing, despite those unwilling to report on it apart from glossed-over allusions.

Others, though, will carry on and sell the magazine, business as usual.  Many of whom share the same anti-America cowardice that the Pookie’s of the world are looking for, since the Pookie’s know that they have them looking elsewhere and are not paying attention.

Am I advocating censorship?  Absolutely not. I’m advocating moral restraint and common sense in light of what took place.

The victim here is not Pookie Tsarnaev!  The victims were those in Boston the day he decided to kill unsuspecting bystanders and participants in the marathon!

As Americans we need to shun those who glorify Islamic terrorism and swiftly punish those who carry it out.  Thanks, therefore, to those who told Rolling Stone to peddle their wares elsewhere.

Unfortunately, those with moral restraint, common sense and decency, and a willingness to swiftly punish evil when it occurs is in the minority and waning.

Pookie Tsarnaev needs a swift trial and then a quick trip to the death chamber.  He does not need to be understood or to gather fans.  He committed another in a long line of Islamic atrocities, and he needs to pay with his drug-induced life.

Shame on Rolling Stone for pandering to this Muslim terrorist by placing him on the front page of its upcoming magazine.

May this edition turn out to be a bigger bomb than the two he helped to set off which killed three (including an eight-year-old boy) and injured dozens of others.


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3 responses to “Was Rolling Stone as Stoned as the Terrorist it Portrayed?

  1. Mike Snow

    Welcome back.

  2. Words of Truth and Reason. Good post.

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